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Good medical care is available from several locations on the island including the Clinca San Miguel and the CMC. For maintenance care and general practice — from cuts and broken bones to stabilization after a heart attack — Cozumel gets high marks.

Doctors and nurses are never in a hurry. They are very compassionate and caring. And then have all the modern meds and techniques. Prices are lower than in the US and many US an Canadian insurance companies will now cover care here.

Dental work is a real bargain on Cozumel. There are a number of excellent dentists charging half or less than what you would pay outside the country for something like a crown or a root canal. For complicated or specialized surgery most locals make the short air trips to either Cancun (20 minutes by plane) or Merida (60 minutes by plane) where world-class doctors and facilities are available to effectively treat anything you can name and at relative bargain prices. In fact Merida, the capital city of the Yucatan has become a mecca for world-wide medical tourism and many of the doctors at places like Star Medica trained at prestigious institutions in the US.

Clinica San Miguel: 872-0103 or 872-0140
Clinica San Miguel has very good emergency room service and able to treat most any injury or illness. Specialists available for gastrointestinal upset or other internal medicine treatment. ENT (ear, nose/sinus, throat), dive recompression,

Buceo Medico Mexicano Hyperbaric Chamber: 872-1430
Buceo Medico Mexicano (BMM) Clinic is also known as the “SSS” or the Cozumel Recompression Center.

Cozumel Red Cross: 987-872-1058 Ambulance service, pediatrics, dentistry,
internal medicine, laboratory, nebulization, first aid, physical exams, injections Diabetics can check blood sugar & receive insulin.

Cozumel Medical Center (CMC Costamed): 872-5370 English speaking
Doctors. For accidents requiring advanced emergency treatment such as broken bones, head injury, anything requiring stitches, cardiac treatment, diabetic &

allergic reactions, etc.

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